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Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva

dietitian, nutritionist and Health Coach at Palazzo di Varignana
About me

Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva is a dietitian nutritionist, graduated with a First Class Honours degree from the Medicine and Surgery Faculty at the University of Bologna.

Following an initial degree in Pharmacy and the study of phytotherapy, she obtained a degree in Dietetics, gaining clinical experience in various hospital departments, including Nephrology, Pediatrics, Metabolic Disorders, Eating Disorders, Great Obesity and Endocrinology of the St. Orsola and Bellaria Hospitals in Bologna and in the dietary clinic of the San Pier Damiano Hospital in Faenza.

She is the author of the book “Bambini a Tavola. Quasi un gioco!” (Children at the table. Almost a game!) published in Italian language by Tipografia Faentina Editrice, 2015.

She has held conferences on health and good nutrition issues, both in scientific conferences and in community initiatives. She is also a keen speaker when it comes to popularizing science-based healthy eating through “Cuisine of Wellness” lessons, in activities aimed at for children and adolescents in schools and in television and radio broadcasts. In 2017, she was the nutritionist for the television campaign “Nutritevi dei colori della vita” in the Rete4 Ricette all’Italiana program by Davide Mengacci.

In 2018, she won the “Oscar della Salute”, an Italian Health Award, and the “Paul Harris Fellow” Rotary Award for the food education initiative “Bambini a Tavola. Quasi un gioco!” held in primary schools in Faenza.

Until May 2018 she was the Emilia-Romagna Secretary for ANDID (National Dietitians Association) and from May 2018 Member of the Board of Directors of ASAND (Technical Scientific Association of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics).

Since 2019, she has worked in the creation of campaigns promoting healthy eating in collaboration with different Italian institutions such as the Oncology Institute of Romagna.

She is the author of the blog: “HealthRevolution” and an influencer on social media, in which she has been describing curiosities about nutrition and tasty recipes since 2013.

Annamaria Acquaviva Health Coach at Palazzo di Varignana

Health Coach at Palazzo di Varignana

Alongside many other projects, she is currently working as the Health Coach at Palazzo di Varignana in which she manages the Health Retreats offered by the resort. Within the Health Retreats, she promotes a philosophy encapsulated under ARS VIVENDI, the art of living well, a new well-being. Palazzo di Varignana becomes therefore the place to develop this philosophy in close contact with nature.

The ground-to-table recipes by the chefs at the resort endorsed by Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva, encourage a healthy diet thanks to the products produced in the surrounding land such as an award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Furthermore, the VARSANA Spa offering promotes relaxation and beauty with massages and personalized beauty treatments.